Our services

Branding Strategy

Identification of desired brand position and key branding attribute(s) for use in building an “expectation” that will encourage and stimulate customer buying decisions. Normally includes interviews with employees, customers and other influential groups, and a slogan that summarizes the brand promise.

Brand Name Development

Recommendation of brand name options for products, services and companies. Includes preliminary trademark checks to determine availability.  Might also include testing of name candidates with focus groups or thought leaders.

Internal Branding

Getting employee support for branding initiatives. Includes kick-off events and ongoing communication programs (e.g., newsletters, intranets, input solicitation and storytelling programs, etc.). Progress is measured against stated objectives.

Marketing Communications Planning

Preparation of planning documents to guide the communications program. Includes marketing and communications objectives (WHAT are we trying to accomplish?), marketing and communication strategies (HOW will we accomplish the objectives?), target audience descriptions (WHO is important?) and other budget and timing details.

Messaging Strategies

Using Industribrand’s proprietary “3M” process (Messages, Media, Markets), the objective is to identify and prioritize messages that need to be delivered to each key market segment so that media vehicles can be evaluated and selected.

Creative Services

Award-winning copywriting and graphic design services are available for ads, brochures, web content, magazine feature articles, annual reports and other assignments. These services can be provided by the project or on an ongoing, retainer basis.